Welcome to DominicM home page

Dominic is a miniature artist (usually no larger than 5x3 inches) based in Carlisle,
Cumbria UK, and is priveleged to have sold to collectors across the globe, including:
UK, US, Canada, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Germany, France, Spain,
Netherlands, Greece, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

My Website is currently under redevelopment, but here are a couple of examples of
my work, while you await it, all shown at approximately actual size (3.5x2.5 inch)

Former cinema called the Lonsdale in Carlisle Cumbria, now sadly demolished
              Cala Lilly - Painting by Dominic Mahon

Pointilism Nurse preparing injection - artwork by Dominic Mahon

Clyde River Canada - A Watercolour by Dominic Mahon

Honeysuckle - Mixed media by Dominic Mahon

Pickerel Frog - Orginal Art from Dominic Mahon

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